About Us
Tallarook Meat Co is a an alpaca farm in the north central region of Victoria.  Our farm is located 10km from the small rural township of Tallarook and overlooks the great Tallarook Ranges.

We run a commercial herd of huacaya and suri alpacas that have been specifically selected for their meat attributes. Our alpacas are well looked after and in the years they take to grow out they live a stress free easy life roaming our 50 acre property.

Questions we are often asked:
What does alpaca taste like?   It is a very light flavoured meat. It readily takes on the flavours it is cooked with but, it also tastes great with just a bit of salt and pepper.

How do you cook it?  There are 2 types of cuts.  Slow cook cuts like shoulder chops, shanks, neck rosettes, and rolled shoulder.  The other is the quick cook cuts that are best cooked over a high heat, quickly and served rare to medium rare. Those are our loin chops, racks and cutlets, backstrap and fillet.
Mince is versatile and can be cooked just as you would cook any other kind of mince. 

Why alpacas?  We wanted an animal that was easy to look after, that birthed easily and that could be used for a dual purpose.  We grow our alpacas for their fleece and their meat. An additional benefit is that they gentle to the land with their padded feet. 

How long do they take to grow out?  They have an 11 month gestation and take 3 years to grow out.  It takes a while but during that time we get 4 wool clips from them. That fleece is turned in carpet, bedding, clothing and yarn.

How healthy is alpaca meat?  Alpaca meat is incredibly lean.  We tested some backstrap in January 2017 at DTS Food Labs and here are the results:

Energy                kj/100g   474kj
Proteing              g/100g   24.8g
Fat                       g/100g  1.2g      Saturated fat 0.5g,            Mono unsaturated 0.3g,
                                                        Poly unsaturated 0.4g,     Trans fat 0.1g
Carbohydrates                g/100g     0.5g
Carbohydrates sugars   g/100g     0.5g
Sodium                          mg/100g    43g
Moisture                           g/100g    73.8g
Ash                                    g/100g     1.3g   (at 550deg C)                            

Opening hours:
Sat - Sun: 08:00 - 17:00
Week days by appointment

Woodend Farmer's Market - 1st Saturday
Tallarook Farmer's Market - 1st Sunday
Euroa Farmer's Market - 3rd Saturday
Lancefield Farmer's Market - 4th Saturday
Alphington Farmer's Market - 4th Sunday

In late 2018 we developed a range of alpaca sausage rolls and meat pies. They will be available at the markets we attend and also you can preorder and collect direct from the farm gate.

Place your orders with us through Facebook messenger.
Tallarook Farmer's Market
Lancefield Farmers Market
Tallarook Meat Co
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